My forever wedding date ❤️. Last weekend we went to San Diego for a wedding. It was a short road trip, but I looooove any road trip. Mostly because it gives you solid time to chat in the car with your road trip partner. Annnnd no one can go anywhere not matter where the conversation […]


Two weeks ago, as I checked my email I got an alert that my card was used to purchase concert tickets. I quickly contacted my credit card company to tell them I did not make this purchase.  As I was chatting with an agent I texted Ivan to tell him what happened.  He texted me […]


  • July 25, 2017 - 10:09 am

    Adriana Ascencio - Although he continues to surprise me here and there this was definitely a surprise I will never forget! He took me to New York for our Anniversary for a weekend, what was surprising is that when we got to the restaurant for dinner we were greeted by name My first thought was “when did you come to this restaurant in New York without me!?” They seated us at our table and more than a couple waiters would walk by and smile as if they knew who we were…. we enjoyed our dinner with very attentive service but I was still a bit uneasy as to why all the attention, i looked around and nobody was getting the attentiveness we were getting! As we were wrapping up dinner the restaurant manager comes to our table with roses and a wooden box, a gift from Rick, a box that he went on to explain would be for safe keeping his love letters from him. Turns out he had pre-arranged the whole thing and shipped the gift to the restaurant days before, mind you the gift was simple and possibly the shipping cost more and arranged for flowers to be delivered there from a local florist❤️ The reason for all the attention was because they were curious to see who would go through at that trouble because they had never seen it done before! We ended our night with a carriage ride through Central Park❤️❤️ A night I will never forget.ReplyCancel

    • August 1, 2017 - 11:16 am

      Lily - I LOVE THIS! What a beautiful surprise!!! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel